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  • Bahria Town Lahore standard of living

    Bahria Town Lahore is the mainly futuristic modern development within Lahore itself. Some advise it to be a city within a city which provides its residents with global standard infrastructure, amenities & services. Bahria Town Lahore includes everything that contributes to the Lahori lifestyle and presents global values in all spheres of life including recreational, [...]

  • Bahria Town Sector A

    Bahria Town sector A is the oldest, very first and today, the most diligent residential plot based project at Bahria Town Lahore.  This sector symbolizes the basic development model of Bahria Town Lahore; Integrated Development. Fully smooth roads, underground electricity, gas, water, communication supplies gives this scheme its modern look that still flaunts in current [...]

  • Bahria Town Fact sheet

    We work Pakistan’s largest private sector fleet of heavy ground moving equipment and the service workshops. Bahria Town is work together with Starwood Hotels for the breach the Sheraton Golf & Country Club, which would be the first of its kind in Pakistan. First Formula 1 racing track with full evidence safety provided to Bahria [...]

  • Bahria town role in economy

    Superiority Products for the Public. Our product variety contains a fit for everyone, every taste and every pocket. This is why our societies truly depict a balanced community representation. Quality is preserve at ‘all costs’, in all designs, across nation-wide massive developments and beyond the customer experience. Causal to a Sustainable Local & National Economy. [...]

  • Bahria Town atmosphere

    Bahria Town is mostly green area. Parks hold section ensures that the natural vegetation and ecosystem are maintained. Plantation is also imported to provide exclusive touch to our developments. All schemes are eco-friendly. Pre-assessments guarantee that the balance is maintained between natural resources like trees, greens, water bodies and the consumers i.e. inhabitants. Moving for [...]

  • TAK organization

    TAK organization is the key real estate player in Malaysia, involved in infrastructure planning, city planning, populace considerations, communal considerations, environmental issues, economic considerations, urban development, etc. TAK has wide access to highly adaptable and creative multi disciplinary resources. Technological modernism are harnessed, with electronic data, mapping, design and message tools and the internet serving [...]

  • Areaa structure

    Areaa is a active and fast growing construction company created by a professional team, who has a vast experience of international projects in various countries. The organization team and the technical staff have worked for the leading Turkish Construction Companies at all stages of project management in Pakistan, Turkey, Libya, Saudi Arabia and Russia. Areaa [...]


    OJMR is a excellent architectural practice established by Jay M. Reynolds. Their work comprises both international and domestic projects for both international and domestic projects for both private and institutional clientele. They give services in architecture, urban design, master planning and interior design. Project types include multi family housing, marketable, institutional work and private residences. [...]

  • Defense Housing Authority Islamabad

    Defense Housing Authority Islamabad’s dream is to provide quality homes for the people of Pakistan to create a benchmark for property development in the Country. In the lively, capital city of Islamabad, there is a demand for luxurious homes that cater to the every need of its elite. These are citizens, who demand and deserve [...]